With 4Life, you’re in Great Company

4Life believes in building people through Science, Success, and Service. So, no matter what you’re looking for—fantastic health, unrivaled time and financial freedom, or the chance to truly make a difference in the world—with 4Life®, you’re in great company.

Building People

4Life® is dedicated to building people through Science, Success, and Service. For 10 years, our advancements in Transferceutical™ Science and dynamite compensation plan have served our distributors’ success. Experience 4Life’s products and unbeatable compensation plan today to discover for yourself what 4Life can do for you.

Awards and Honors

If this was a report card, you might say that 4Life® consistently achieves an A+.  Our achievements include awards, certificates, and celebrity endorsements.  We’ve also appeared on national television and in well-known publications.

4Life is in the PDR

When physicians want information on the latest and greatest herbs and supplements, they turn to the PDR. And 4Life Transfer Factor® products have been listed in the PDR since 2002.

Blokhina Award

In 2006, David Lisonbee received the highly coveted international I.N. Blokhina Award for “excellence in the field of immune sciences,” and was inducted into the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.  He’s in good company: former Blokhina recipients include university professors, biologists, and biochemists.

Inc. Magazine

We placed 15th on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing privately-held companies in 2003, but that’s not all. Since then, 4Life® has continued to grow exponentially, opening more than a dozen additional offices worldwide and launching business in 40+ countries. And we’re not even close to slowing down.

Today Show

In 2007, 4Life® Co-founder Bianca Lisonbee made her national debut on the NBC “TODAY” show to present a 4Life donation to the broadcast’s 14th Annual Holiday Drive. After presenting the “TODAY” show hosts with more than 600 blankets and pillows, Bianca closed the segment with a final contribution of 4000 bottles of 4Life Transfer Factor® enummi® lotion.

Anti-doping Certificate in Russia

4Life® meets the gold standard in Russia.That’s right. 4Life Transferceutical™ Products have been approved for use by Olympic athletes in Russia. In 2007, 4Life received documentation from the Federal Anti-Doping Center in Moscow, Russia, that admits 4Life Transfer Factor for use by Russian Olympians in practice, training, and competition.

Who We Are

4Life® is dedicated to building people through Science, Success, and Service. With a worldwide humanitarian foundation, one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry and a dedication to cutting-edge Transferceutical™ Science, 4Life is building lives around the globe.

Team 4Life

4Life’s message of Together, Building People has touched lives all over the world, including some pretty famous people. Team 4Life is a group of world-renowned athletes who all have one thing in common—they endorse 4Life Transfer Factor® products.

Edgar Renteria

"4Life is a company that provides many opportunities to families that started at the bottom yet maintained their faith and their willingness to move forward, and have now achieved their own greatness. Thanks to God, I have achieved my dreams with professional baseball and I want 4Life distributors to achieve their dreams with the 4Life opportunity."

Johnny Miller

"You may be a hall of fame athlete, entrepreneur, or mother. Regardless of your focus, 4Life Transfer Factor® is designed to help you improve your game. It gives me world-class conditioning for hall of fame performances."

Ian Baker-Finch

“I’m uncompromising when it comes to what I put in my body, both on and off the course. That’s why I supplement with 4Life Transfer Factor® products on game day and every day.”

Brett Burton & Andrew Mcleod

“As professional athletes, we’ve been exposed to many different products in our time; however, this is the first product we have come across that actually works."


4Life believes in having leaders worth following. We have an impressive résumé of industry experience… yet all that experience boils down to one core belief. 4Life executives know the most vital service they can provide is honorable leadership that fosters potential in others.

Our Story

From the very beginning, 4Life has been redefining boundaries. Our pursuits in Transferceutical™ Science have led to one surprising discovery, innovation, and patent after another. And our early success positioned us to introduce 4Life Transfer Factor® and the Life Rewards Plan™ to the globe. Today, 4Life is Together, Building People in more than 40 countries.

Going Global

4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee have spent a decade fulfilling their dream of taking Transfer Factor to the world. The result? You’re never far from a 4Life office. In addition to the U.S., 4Life is now in nineteen countries, and we’re just getting started.