Life Rewards

When David and Bianca started 4Life®, they wanted a rewards plan as unique and beneficial as 4Life Transfer Factor®.


Personal LP Payout

A 25% payout on personal volume over 100 LP generated in a month—sweet and simple!


Rapid Rewards

A 25% payout on first LP order placed by every new distributor you personally enroll. The more sales volume you generate through new enrollments, the more “rapid” your “rewards” can be!


Download the Life Rewards Plan™ Brochure



Infinity Commissions

Experience the true definition of forever with Infinity Commissions.

Begins with the fourth generationCombines the financial gain of multiple levels within a single generation Continues all the way to the bottom of your organization or until interrupted by someone of an equal or higher rank


Power Pool

Dive into the Power Pool and claim your share of 4Life’s good fortune. When you qualify, you’ll receive a portion of the company’s global sales for that month—on top of your Rapid Rewards and Personal LP Payout!


Here’s how to qualify: Personally enroll three people in a month who each personally generate 100 LP. Make sure they purchase 100LP the next month as well, and don’t forget to place your order yourself.