4Life is building people through Service

4Life is DEDICATED to improving the lives of people wherever we conduct business. Through Foundation 4Life®, executives, employees, and distributors all join hands in humanitarian efforts to build people in ways that could never be done alone.

Our Mission

At the heart of 4Life - beginning with our phenomenal products and our fantastic compensation plan - is a desire to help people live better lives. As we unite to make a difference in causes we care about all over the world, we experience first hand the joy of Together, Building People®.

Our Causes

Since the inception of 4Life over a decade ago, we've made service a big part of who we are. From the great kids at La Casa Rosada Orphanage to service projects in places like Singapore, Australia, and Colombia, 4Life is building a difference all over the world.

Ways to Donate

Want to help us build a difference around the world? We’ve got four effortless ways for you to make a difference. Give a little—or give a lot. Together, we are building people.

Lights 4Life

Every contribution that you make to Foundation 4Life® represents a point of light. When we bring our lights together, we radiate hope for those in need. Get involved with our Lights 4Life donation program today and help us build a difference around the world. To view our current list of donors and sponsors visit www.foundation4life.org.