4Life is building people through Success

BIG 2010 in Salt Lake City was 4Life's biggest event ever. Over 5000 distributors saw the unveiling of three fantastic, new, industry changing products. They heard business building ideas from the seven Platinum International Diamonds and networked with other distributors from across the globe.

4Life Opportunity

How do you define success? Is it enjoying the freedom of running your business from your laptop—anywhere in the world? Being there when your kids come home from school? No matter how you define it, at 4Life, we’re dedicated to building people through Success.

Life Rewards

The Life Rewards Plan™ offers unlimited potential—to everyone. We’ve got one of the most generous payouts in the industry—participate fully in our compensation plan and you could earn payouts up to 64 percent of LP. There’s Rapid Rewards, the Power Pool, monthly generational bonuses and more. No matter who you are—first-time networker or seasoned veteran—your hard work can pay off.


People are the heart of 4Life, and we’re not shy about giving praise for a job well done. We love nothing more than to recognize our star distributors. Check for names of friends and associates. Remember, at 4Life it’s the people who make the difference.

Meet and Greet

When you join 4Life, you become part of something bigger than yourself—the 4Life Community. City meetings are a great way to connect to other 4Life Distributors.

You’ll hear from top distributors, up-and-coming leaders, and corporate executives on how to make your 4Life Business explode.

4Life Conventions

4Life® convention is a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and fun packed into several powerful days. At convention, you learn about the latest products, become a 4Life Transfer Factor expert, and find out how 4Life’s top distributors run their businesses. You'll meet new friends—and walk away feeling inspired and motivated.